Hi, my name is Gabriel & I build pixel-perfect websites that convert!

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Webflow Development

WAIR needed a new website that would help tell a better story of their product which helps shoppers order the best fitting products on apparel e-commerce stores. Previous content on the old WordPress site was migrated seamlessly to a spanking new design & better experience.

Agency - Candid Leap

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getWAIR website screenshot

Shop Again

Webflow Development

Got the opportunity to build the marketing site for Shop Again, an advanced tool for Shopify store owners to help grow their sales. This build had a lot of animations and interactions that helped drive & communicate the value of the platform.

Agency - Candid Leap

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Jarvis.ai Rebuild

Webflow Development

I gave myself the challenge of rebuilding the Jarvis.ai homepage. This was an interesting build as I got to learn a lot about Webflow interactions while recreating the ones found on the original website.

The project has been cloned over 160 times.

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Jarvis screenshot


Design, illustration, Webflow Development

Landing page for a fictional Mac app.

This was a really fun project as I not only designed the UI but also created the logo, illustrations and Lottie animation.

Check out the  Figma file & cloneable.

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WaveDrop screenshot

Jadoo Travel

Webflow Development, Custom CSS

This was a free Figma design that I converted to Webflow and added subtle animations all while built using the Finsweet Client First framework.

You can get it as a free cloneable as well.

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Jadoo travel screenshot


My name is Gabriel Okpo and I'm a designer/developer based in Lagos Nigeria. Previously, I've designed web experiences for Noah SG & led the Design & Engineering team at CcHUB, working with various startups and organizations on interesting projects.

Currently, I'm available for work and looking for opportunities where I can deliver beautiful and impactful web experiences.